Certified to IATF 16949 and qualified as a Maruthi Suzuki Center of Excellence for manufacturing (MACE), Amara Raja Electronics Ltd is a preferred EMS supplier to several of our Tier 1 customers to major passenger car manufacturers in India. The products that we manufacture find applications into mechatronics involving Seat / Power Window controls, OVRM controls, wiper controls, lighting, instrument clusters, etc. With more and more electronics getting added into every vehicle on the road, we have a strong collaborative approach to understanding the unique needs to manage the dynamics of the automotive world. We have developed skills for quick turnaround for prototypes, faster NPI’s and an extremely fast ramp up for volume manufacturing.


Typically, a market with shorter product life cycles, calls for quick and fast turnaround from prototypes to very high volume manufacturing. Our products find applications in several segments of the market, which include set-top boxes, IPTV, OTT & GPON boxes, Water purifying systems, BLDC drives etc.


For several years we have been manufacturing PCBA’s for the energy market, particularly for the metering systems.  Currently, we supply complete box build solutions for the smart meters for our major clients. We also build in high volumes, complete box builds for HUPS and invertor markets in India and the middle east.  The solar inverters we make for our clients is exported widely, especially to South American countries. We also provide PCBAs for stand by chargers which are widely used for generation stations, transmission and distribution.


Certified to ISO 13485, we serve an array of healthcare OEM’s. We understand the complexities of this market including the long time frames involved in design/development and support our customers with unique product development in the way they would want it. The products that we manufacture find applications for patient diagnostic applications. The unique model of High Mix low volume manufacturing skill that we have attained over the years to cater to this market, differentiates our standing in the industry for an end-to-end fulfillment needs of our customers.


Our expertise in PCBA and Box build systems in the industrial segment is wide and varied. The PCBAs and module assembly that we build for our clients cater to significantly core areas like industrial furnace and actuator domain, industrial and residential automation, SMART locking system, IoT and POS printers. Expertise in this multi-diverse segment helps us to sharpen our skills and meet the ever-increasing challenges of this market.


We serve into niche areas for our clients like high-security networking products, network surveillance and monitoring devices. Highly sensitive and custom made solutions to the end customer, call for very close association and development activity of each of these product solutions tailor-made to each segment applications. We provide PCBA and box build solutions to this segment.


We serve extensively to the railway sector for a wide variety of applications which include railway signaling equipment power supplies that cater to wayside four-line and six-line stations. This includes various AC & DC power supplies catering loads like Axle counter, Relay (External & Internal), spare cell chargers, HKT & Magneto EI (Electronic interlocking), Panel indication, Data Logger, MS DAC, Point Machine & Signal Lamps. We also manufacture Switch Mode Power supplies to metro rail for telecom applications.