Value Engineering Services

Driven by a culture of innovation, aptly represented by one of the core values of the group, AREL offers a strategic engagement model with our customers in the form of quality Value Engineering Services.

VE provide enhanced and customized solutions to our customers on standard products in multiple areas resulting in one or more of the below benefits.

  • Better cost optimization by way of improved design
  • Focus on product features for new and emerging markets
  • Improve reliability & product performance
  • Standardize components and processes
  • Remove redundant features and add new features /functionalities
  • Improve serviceability
  • Reduce waste and recycling cost
  • Solve existing supply chain challenges & improve time to market

With front-line information systems for product life cycle management combined with streamlined processes, we provide the fully assorted value engineering services from specifications’ definition, re-design, smart manufacturing, test development/optimization, to end of life management and reverse engineering.

Focused on associating rather than delivering; we are by the customer’s side in every step of the way.